Hydration Pack - Bilbybags Premium 3 Litre

Hydration Pack - Bilbybags Premium 3 Litre

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Have you ever found yourself on a bush walk or a nice, Sunday mountain trek and discovered you are ridiculously, unquestionably, "I hope I don't pass out", thirsty? Yeah, us too. That's why we designed and created our Bilbybags 2 Ltr and 3 Ltr Hydration Packs. With additional pockets big enough to fit all your necessities (plus more) and shoulder pads so comfortable it will feel as if nothing is on your back. 

For keen adventurers, these Hydration packs are the best companion you'll ever have. No more lugging around heavy water bottles and having them leak onto your equipment. 

If you're a cadet, the Multicam finish will work to blend in brilliantly with your surroundings, allowing yourself to fully immerse yourself in your activities. 

Your hikes, travels or adventures will never be the same once you have a Hydration Pack on your back! 


  • Generous front pocket, with inner mesh to hold phones, wallets, keys and much more.
  • Comfortable shoulder straps to allow for a relaxing and distress-free carry. 
  • Multiple outside straps on both the straps and pocket designed for clip-able accessories such as a torch or hat. 
  • 3 Ltr Bladder which fits comfortably inside the backpack (easily removable when required) 
  • Generous tube length with an anti-drip mouth-piece.