Australian Cadets

Bilbybags is your one-stop home for all the equipment that your Cadets serving Navy, Army and Air Force, will ever need. Producing First Aid kits, Big Biv Bags, Torches, Hoochies, Hydration Bags and more, we can start a relationship which will have your Cadets flourishing for years to come! All Cadet Unit orders are delivered directly to your unit and FREE of charge. 

Bilbybags knows how busy Cadet Mums and Dads are, that's why we created our Complete Bivouac Bag in the first place. If you think your Cadets and their Units would be happy to find a company that could supply everything in one affordable set read on!

Free Shipping on Unit Orders

You can order your Big Biv Bag, Mini First Aid Kit or Big Biv Bag Combo (Biv Bag and Mini First Aid Kit) individually from our website but we can also deliver them in bulk to your Unit and save you the shipping cost. Bilbybags delivers all orders going directly to Cadet Units free of charge.

If you're not ordering to a Unit you can get free shipping by spending a minimum of AU$150 with us. 

How To Order
  1. Get your Unit leader to get in touch with Bilbybags.
  2. We'll talk to your Unit leader about the best way for your Unit to place its order.
  3. We'll send the Unit, Pre Paid Envelope, Order Forms plus a Flyer with all the details for the Cadets to bring home.
  4. Fill out the form and send back to your Unit with your details along with the payment method selected by your Unit.
  5. Your Unit leader will send us the Order forms in the Pre Paid Envelope.
  6. We'll collate and process the whole Unit's Order and send to your Unit.
  7. Your Unit leaders will distribute your new Biv Bags and Mini First Aid Kits.

And remember...

Our Big Biv Bag combo has over $200 worth of essential Biv and First Aid items,
all packaged in our custom Camo Molle Bags! That's everything they need for only $85!