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The Bilbybags Story

We’re Bilbybags - an Australian family business that’s all about Cadets, Outdoor Adventure and great travel. We’ve had a family full of Cadets, with over 20 years experience, we’ve come to understand what every Cadet needs - convenience, affordability and products you can trust to work when you need them to. It's why we turned out lives upside down to start an all-new business with this in mind. It's taken lots of hard work and the efforts of family, friends and our community to make Bilbybags a reality and we love that our first products have been met with the approval of Cadets, Scouts and Adventurers across the country.

So keep your eyes on Bilbybags as we work together with Cadet Units, Cadet Leaders, Cadets and their Families to create a range of Australian-owned products that are just what you need, at the best prices ever!

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The Bilbybags Family

Big Biv Bag, Outdoor Equipment for Travelling or Adventuring